Why Should You Clean Your Aircon Filter Regularly?

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   July 4th 2020            👤   Aircon Heroes Team

The performance and efficiency of an air conditioner is dependent on the condition of the air filters. If you clean these air filters on a regular basis, you maximize your aircon’s cooling  performance since the unit does not consume extra power to maintain the temperature of the room.

The purpose of the aircon filter is to block dust particles in the air from entering the unit, as this can disturb the efficiency of the evaporator coils. With passing time, these air filters get clogged and muddy. Although it depends on weather conditions, an air filter should be cleaned once every month minimally for optimal performance and cooling output.

The benefits of cleaning your air filters on regular basis are as follows:

Protection From Allergies and Infections

A properly cleaned and washed aircon filter works efficiently and minimizes any allergic reactions you may get from exposure to dust and other air pollutants. Should your skin suffer irritation or any other sort of allergy, it is an indicator that your air filter needs a thorough washout and cleaning. After getting it done, you will notice a significant change in air quality. Not only are you able to enjoy the comfort of cool air, the quality of your sleeping environment dramatically increases.

Less Power Consumption

When an air filter is clogged by the dust particles from the air, it makes it difficult for the air to reach the evaporator coils inside the unit. Ultimately, the unit has to work harder due to the obstructed passage of air, which results in increased power consumption. When the filters are washed out, the unit does not have to expend extra effort in order to cool your indoor environment. The path of the air from the room towards the evaporator coils is unobstructed. Studies have shown that after cleaning the air filters, the power consumption is reduced by 5% to 15% in the same unit.

Better Cooling

When dust particles or dirt get trapped in the aircon filters, it affects the performance of the entire unit. It also reduces the air contact with the evaporator coils. As a result, it becomes harder for the evaporator coils to absorb heat from the air as they routinely do. The end result is minimal cooling effects. When you wash and clean the air filters regularly, you minimize the chances of dust particles accumulating in the air filter for a long time. The contact of air with the evaporator coils increases and more hot air is cooled down in the result. That is why a timely cleaned and washed air filter ensures a better cooling environment.

Saving Operational Expenses

If you consistently clean your aircon filters, it can save you from spending a lot of money in the name of operational expenses. When the filters do not receive essential care on a timely basis, they not only affect the performance of the unit but also become a risk for the inner components of the unit. The evaporator coils ultimately get affected in the long run, and can cause maintenance and replacement costs to add up. The best way to save a lot of operational and maintenance expenses is to ensure regular servicing of the unit. It would be even better to get your coils cleaned along with the air filter so if any dust particles accidently reach the evaporator coils, they would be removed.

Ensuring Longevity of the Aircon

If you are habitual in cleaning the air filters consistently, it not only benefits you by providing better cooling performance but also ensures the longevity of the unit. Since your aircon requires consistent care and cleaning on a timely basis, those who clean these air filters on a weekly basis can experience long-lasting performance of their air conditioner. 

When to Clean and Change the Air Filters of Your Aircon?

If there are no consistent hazes and weather conditions remain normal most of the year, then you should get your air filter cleaned and washed once a month. It is essential to schedule regular cleaning of your aircon and the filter during the haze period. In this period, dust and other dirty particles can easily make their way into the aircon and inside the filter.

Besides routine cleaning, it is also recommended to change the air filters after every 3 to 4 months. In a tropical nation like Singapore, it is very easy for the volume of dust and dirt to build up inside your unit due to the warm weather.

Our professional aircon technicians can perform the necessary cleaning of your aircon filters as part of the standard general servicing procedure. If necessary, they can also assess the needs of your unit depending on its age and recent issues. This can go a long way in preventing any performance issues and maintaining the lifespan of your aircon.

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