Why Is My Aircon Leaking?


  July 3rd, 2020            👤   Aircon Heroes Team

There can be multiple reasons why your aircon is leaking. Since an air conditioner works on lowering the temperature inside, it produces a consistent supply of water droplets which are drained out through an external pipe. When the water drainage system is disturbed, your air conditioner may start leaking.

With frequent use, dirt and debris can also accumulate and harden in between the evaporator coils within your indoor unit, causing the coil to freeze over. In this instance, a chemical wash or chemical overhaul procedure is strongly recommended to resolve the leaking issue.

This article goes into the reasons that can cause faulty drainage. 

Breakage in the Drain Pipe

If, by any means, the drainage pipe of the aircon gets cracked or damaged, it can cause an aircon leaking problem. This drainage pipe is usually made up of plastic material which cannot resist excessive external force or pressure. If the pipe is subjected to any external force, it can break or crack which results in a leaking aircon.

There are numerous ways to handle this problem. You may need to use some adhesive material to fill the crack so water doesn’t leak through. If the crack is deep and wide, you may have to do a replacement of your drainage pipe.

Blockage in the Drain Line

Over time, dust particles and debris get accumulated inside the drain pipe. A significant buildup of dust and debris causes a blockage in the path of the flowing water. As a result, the water finds its way by moving backwards and causing a leakage in the unit. This problem can be solved by either sucking out the blockage or doing a chemical flush to remove the hardened jelly.

Damaged Condensate Pump

There is a pump installed inside the inlet unit of an aircon. It is called the condensate pump and the purpose of this pump is to pump the water out of the inlet unit. When this pump stops working, the water finds its natural path of flow and starts dripping from the inlet unit. The aircon leaking problem can be solved by getting the condensate pump replaced or repaired.

Muddy or Choked Air Filter

If the air filters of the inside unit are muddy and choked, they affect not only the performance of the aircon but also the drainage system of the unit. This air filter actually stops incoming air from reaching the evaporator coil. As a result, due to minimal evaporation, the coil gets too cold. Sometimes the water vapours start freezing over the coil. When the temperature gets low, these vapours melt down and cause excessive water exhaust. This excessively generated water initiates leakage.

Minimum Refrigerant Level

When estimating the amount of refrigerant in a residential A/C unit, the general rule used is 0.9 to 1.8 litres per ton of cooling. When the refrigerant inside the evaporator coils falls below this minimum level, it can cause the evaporator coils to freeze.

This reduction in refrigerant level can be the effect of some leakage in evaporator coils. Ultimately, the evaporator coils generate more water upon melting and it starts leakage of water in the unit. This problem can be solved by repairing the evaporator coils if they are repairable. If the damage is severe, then the evaporator coils should be removed and replaced to avoid further damage.

Installation Problem

Sometimes the inlet unit is not properly installed. Keeping things in line by adjusting the drainage pump and drainage piping system requires professional skills. if they are not adjusted and balanced, there may be some unwanted inclinations in the drain pipe which can disturb the natural outwards flow of water. You can avoid this situation by hiring an experienced technician for the installation of your aircon.

Weather Conditions

Sometimes the extremely hot weather conditions result in excessive water production. Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air, so to dehumidify your home, your air conditioner pulls the water out of humid air and dispels that water outside. More water than normal can gather on the evaporator coils when your aircon is working hard to maintain or lower the inside temperature of the room. As a result, the excessive water supply can cause some leakage from the unit. 

You don’t have to worry about the excessive water drain if it is flowing through the drain pipe. It happens in hot regions. The problem begins when this extra water gets back to the pump due to some blockage or hurdle in the pipe. It can be sorted out by simply clearing the way of water through the drain.


There are many reasons that can cause issues with your aircon drainage system. An aircon leaking problem may be due to a simple blockage issue or problems that require further diagnosis. Our technicians can help you with the troubleshooting to determine the correct solution to restore your aircon performance.

Once you start to notice that your aircon is leaking, it is important to take regular preventive measures to maintain the health and lifespan of your aircon. These numerous reasons that cause air condition leakage can be easily managed with regular checking, maintenance, and replacement of faulty parts. This not only saves you from the pain of water leaks and avoidable expenses, but also ensures a longer lifespan for your air conditioner.

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