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  September 17th 2020            👤   Aircon Heroes Team

Moving into the next part of your life can be scary. There are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to buying household items. Well fear not, here we will break down the key aspects to replacing or buying a good aircon system for your future home. 

System # & BTU

The first thing you have to consider is how many units you need, and which system you need for each room. System 1, 2, 3, or 4? As the numbers imply, each system just means the amount of FCU attached to 1 compressor unit. System 1 means 1 FCU attached to 1 compressor unit, system 2 means 2 FCU attached to 1 compressor unit, etc. However, don’t forget to measure the BTU needed for each room. All this means is the amount of power needed to cool a room, the bigger the room, the higher the BTU. This is very important because the BTU and system as a combo needs to be matched with the compressor unit to prevent it from overworking and eventually causing more problems. A little confusing? Don’t worry if you ever need help deciding, check out our BTU chart below or drop us a chat and we can provide you a free quotation. 

BTU Based On Room Size
Room Size (Sqft) Suitable BTU
150 5,000 BTU
250 6,000 BTU
300 7,000 BTU
350 8,000 BTU
400 9,000 BTU
450 10,000 BTU
550 12,000 BTU
700 14,000 BTU
1,000 18,000 BTU
1,200 21,000 BTU
1,400 23,000 BTU
1,600 25,000 BTU
1,900 28,000 BTU
2,700 26,000 BTU

If you know what you already need, use our AC system customiser (System 2, System 3, System 4, System 5) to find out the best price available.


If you ever search up aircon installation, 5 seconds into your research you will find that all aircon systems will have 1-5 ticks. What exactly does this mean? Unlike what many may think at first, ticks are not a general rating system for all aircons, instead, it is a rating system for energy efficiency. The higher the rating, the more efficient the aircon is. Nowadays 4 or 5 ticks are the most commonly used, so you don’t even need to bother with ticks lower than that. This is a key consideration because you need to minimise any cost in the present and future. Trust me, your electricity bill will thank you later. 


As you may have heard before, the 3 best brands for aircon are Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Panasonic. Of course, many people have said this for a reason, these 3 brands have been in the aircon industry for the longest of times. Therefore, this has made them more reliable, more knowledgeable and more known. This may come in handy when you want to service your aircon in the future as many technicians would know the mechanics of these 3 brands more than others. 


Now, on to the most important factor of getting an aircon, the cost. Replacing or buying a whole new system can cost you from $1,000-$10,000, but how do you know you’re not getting scammed? Don’t worry we will save you the hassle of looking into every aircon company in Singapore to compare prices. However, before we move on, the one thing that you need to understand is that prices are very individual to your home requirements. Therefore, here we will compare the prices based on system 1, 2, 3, and 4. 

System # Maximum price you should be paying
System 1 $1,200
System 2  $2,500
System 3  $3,300
System 4  $4,200
System 5  $5,800

Bear in mind that these prices are a rough estimate of how much you should not exceed. Aircon Heroes have the lowest prices in the market and we hold that with pride! Come check out our Aircon catalog here and shop with the cheapest. 

Still worried about the cost? No worries, we have instalment plans of 3 months available for you! Drop us a call at 87514992 or whatsapp us for more information.

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