Keeping Your Home Fur-Free


  September 4th 2020            👤   Aircon Heroes Team

In these times of difficulty, let’s find ways to ensure the health of both our family members and our pets! Ever wondered how to keep your home extra safe for your pet? The key is to protect your indoor space from pollution. You should regularly vacuum your pet’s fur, brush them and service your aircon. (Yes, you read that right, service your aircon)

Maintaining your aircon is just one of the ways to keep your home safe and clean. If you don’t maintain your aircon, lots of dirt and dust will build up in the air filter and within that is also the hair of our furry friends. Without any servicing being done, air passing through the aircon’s filter will only stay unclean. Here’s why you should regularly service your aircon. Accumulated pollution in the air can eventually lead to respiratory symptoms like coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and don’t forget the musky smell.


You might be thinking, I feel fine so how is my pet any different? Well, studies have shown that since pets stay closer to the floor all the time, they get exposed to the polluted air more than the average person does. Additionally, the situation can get worse if fur on the floor is not cleaned properly, increasing the chances of your pets inhaling it.


If you do your part in cleaning the house of fur and we do our part in cleaning your aircon, the air in your home will be fur free. Whether it be general servicing, chemical wash, or chemical overhaul, you can trust us on this and in return we will give you the best service.


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