Can A Dirty Aircon Affect Your Health?

   September 18th 2020            👤   Aircon Heroes Team

Many people ranging from doctors to our very parents have emphasised the importance of clean air as a means to prevent respiratory issues, and the first thing that most would say is to spend more time in the fresh air outside. However, now as we are still going through a global pandemic, it is still best to stay indoors no matter how low the number of cases is. That is why it is so important to make sure that the air inside is just as clean as breathing in the fresh air. 



No matter what the object is, without regular maintenance, dust and dirt will accumulate and cleaning it eventually will take more work; hence the higher bills. The same concept applies to your aircon, without regular maintenance although you may still be getting cold air, that air that circulates in your room would not be clean. Whether it be chemical overhaul or just general servicing, as long as your aircon is getting cleaned, there will be a lower chance of contracting a reaction whether it be allergic or an infection. Have pets at home? Read this. 



With the hot weather in Singapore, aircon 24/7 becomes a necessity, so the dirt and dust accumulate a lot more, a lot faster. The dirt and grime would accumulate like the image shown below.  The recommended frequency of servicing is 3 months for general servicing and 1 year for chemical overhaul (chemical overhaul may include antibacterial steaming) but it also depends on how much the unit is being used. 


This is especially important during these times as we go through a global pandemic because it is very important to ensure your immune system is as strong as it can be. In the unlikely and unfortunate case of contracting Covid-19, your immune system will be your biggest warrior; as the saying goes “it is better to be safe than sorry”. 

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