Aircon Installation

Your one stop aircon installation service

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Aircon Installation

Your one stop aircon installation service

  • Best Quality
  • Skilled and experienced professionals


System 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 refers to split unit aircon systems whereby a single compressor outdoors is connected to multiple aircon units indoors. A System 1 means a single compressor is connected to only 1 indoor aircon unit and a System 2 means a compressor is connected to only 2 units indoors. Which system you choose depends on your requirements and needs of your area. If you require 2 aircons, choose a System 2. If you require 3 aircons, choose System 3 and so on. 

The number of ticks refers to the energy efficiency level of the aircon systems. The higher the number of ticks, the more energy efficient it is and the more you will save in the long run. Lower tick systems cost less upfront but in the long run cost up to 50% more accumulatively. 

  1. Decide on the number of aircons you need. That will determine which system to go for.
  2. Decide on how energy saving you want your system to be. The higher the number of ticks, the greater the upfront costs, but the lower you pay in bills accumulatively. 

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It is used as a measure to indicate how powerful the aircon is. Choosing the right BTU is important. Choose too low and your room may not be as cold as required. Choose too high and you will be paying extra for your bills. For most HDB units, we recommend a BTU of 9000 for rooms and a BTU of 18000 for the living room. For a 5 room living room, we recommend a stronger BTU of 24000 BTU aircon.  

When installing take note to ask if prices include supply, labour, install, warranty costs, additional servicing etc. Brackets may sometimes be required for units without a ledge at an additional cost. Ensure that the pricing quoted is nett before agreeing to any installation job. Occasionally depending on the situation, removal fees may be charged to remove and replace old piping and aircon units. 

A split system just means a single compressor outdoors leads to indoor aircon units. This is in contrast with a non-split system like a casement aircon which is installed at the window. A single split system is basically a compressor leading to 1 indoor unit whereas a multisplit system is 1 compressor leading to multiple units indoors.